2011 in a nutshell

The last year has been a truly great, we did some gigs, made an album, played our songs on Hollyoaks, did some more gigs and drove a wicker motorbike. Highlights have to include playing the NEC Clothes Show, recording at Metropolis studios, filming at BBC Wood Norton and of course our songs being played on XFM and BBC radio. All special moments and thanks to those who helped conjure them.


So Happy New Year 2012! 


A year, i feel, that has been long in the sub-conscious, seeing that we have known since 2005 that Britain will be hosting the Olympics. Loads of stuff has been geared to this year where the sporting party will be coming to the big city on the small island.


2005 was also the year in which several members of the band met for the first time. although it wasn’t until early 2010 that we finally played together on stage as the 5 members of Daytona Lights, just as the shell of the Olympic stadium in Stratford was starting to appear. And now to the present! We, along with the support from our fans have lit our own torch and the band hopes even more people will run with us (See what I’m doing here?). Our aim runs along London Olympic lines. We have known about this since 2005, we’ve built it up, now it’s the year we present it and after we hope that all the things we created will have a use and give pleasure to people for years to come. We just didn’t spend as much of the taxpayer’s money doing it.


Couple of gigs early this year, 20th January at Tram and Social, Tooting for XFM’s DJ John Kennedy’s night, ‘The Remedy’ and 7th February at The Bedford in Balham. South London  seems to suit us in the bleak mid-winter.


Much happiness for 2012, and thank you for all those people who have supported us so far on a journey of Olympian proportions, Napoleonic in scope, Operatic in sentiment, Balletic in it’s delicacy, Spartan in it’s toughness blah blah blah… Love. 


Daytona Lights. X

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